This is a large rectangular structure that occupies an area of almost 400 m2, built in stone blocks. The building consists of seven quadrangular rooms, with the main opening towards the temple of Neptune. The internal rooms, some of which are paved with large travertine slabs or decorated with geometric patterns, overlook a single internal open space.

Scientific management: Gabriel Zuchtriegel

Staff: Giovanni Avagliano (Paestum Archaeological Park)

Objectives: Knowledge of the functions of an imposing building that stands at the heart of the southern urban sanctuary, a few metres from the Temple of Neptune and its most ancient altar.

Bibliography: The results of the archaeological surveys on this building have never been published.

Paestum, si scava la parte più antica della casa dei sacerdoti

Credits: The excavation was partly made possible thanks to a fundraiser, organised by Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere, the brains and curators of LSDM, the International conference of signature cuisine, which in July 2018 organised a dinner in Paestum with three internationally renowned chefs.