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Is a series published by the Archaeological Park of Paestum

with the objective to further the site’s mission by disseminating knowledge in the pursuit of education and research at the highest international levels of excellence.
The series focusses on research on ancient Paestum and its territory,reaching from excavations and finds publications to proceedings of conferences and scientific monographs and essays on historical and archaeological subjects.
However, it is open also to wider perspectives within the field of Mediterranean archaeology from prehistory to the modern period, with the aim to stimulate discussion on issues such as Mediterranean connectivity, migration, cultural and technical transfer,economic transformations, architecture, literature and art.

Comitato scientifico Argonautika
Andrzej Buko (Varsavia), Elena Calandra (Roma), Maria Luisa Catoni (Lucca), Rosanna Cioffi (Caserta), Martine Denoyelle (Parigi), Vasiliki Eleftheriou (Atene), Alexander Fantalkin (Tel Aviv), Enzo Lippolis (Roma), Fausto Longo (Salerno), Elisabetta Moro (Napoli), Valentino Nizzo (Roma), Massimo Osanna (Pompei), Fabrizio Pesando (Napoli), Renata Picone (Napoli), Giorgio Rocco (Bari), Alfonsina Russo (Roma), Christopher Smith (Roma/St. Andrews), Jaime Vives-Fernandiz (València)


Segreteria di redazione
Giovanni Avagliano, Marta Martorano, Lorella Mazzella


Languages: Italian, English, French.

Proposals may be sent to:
Redazione “Argonautika”
Via Magna Grecia, 919
84047 Capaccio (Italy)

Authors are requested to contact the Archaeological Park via e-mail before sending in the manuscript for evaluation and peer review:

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