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Paestum for everyone

Basilica con percorso per diversamente abili


The Museum and Archaeological Park of Paestum have facilitated accessibility for visitors with disabilities.
Mobility both indoors and outdoors (all rooms/areas/services of the Archaeological Museum) is ensured by lifts and ramps; the Park trail that leads inside the Temple of Hera, also known as the Basilica, has no barriers.
Wheelchairs are available on request.
The toilets have facilities for visitors with disabilities.
contact number: 0828 811023


Information desk

At the entrance to the Museum there is an information desk which provides information and guidance for visitors with disabilities regarding access to the Museum and the archaeological site.
(The service is provided by the museum staff who have had basic training for providing assistance to visitors with motor disabilities and visually impaired visitors)

Park trail

The trail follows the perimeter of the park with a base suitable for visitors on wheelchairs, enabling them to discover all the monuments and leading to the front of all the temples. In the so-called Basilica, there is a ramp which provides access to the inner part of the temple.
Braille signs for visually impaired visitors are available at the entrance to the park and provide information about the history of the site and explanations at the front of each temple about their construction.

Educational activities in the Park designed for all visitors



The activities of the Archaeological Park are designed to meet the needs of all visitors:
schools of all categories (teachers and pupils, including those with disabilities)
Italian and foreign visitors.

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Reservations are recommended and can be made to the number +39 0828 811023 or mail to: