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Paestum by night

Visits in the dark with lanterns to the southern sanctuary

Every evening, a unique promenade in the southern Sanctuary to take in the temples in the moonlight. After sunset, at nightfall, when weather conditions are favourable, visitors will be able to access the archaeological area of Paestum left unlit for the event.

In fact, the lighting system will be switched off and the monuments will be lit by the moonlight alone and by the light of the small lanterns that visitors will carry in their hands. In this way we want to evoke the images of the site as seen in the paintings of the Grand Tour, when the monuments were still not lit up with electric lighting systems and as can be appreciated in the painting by Antonio Coppola displayed in the museum.

As a matter of fact, in the last decades it has become increasingly difficult to relive this experience, since lighting systems and various infrastructure have taken over many archaeological sites. With a view to sustainability and respect for the monuments, this seems more and more problematic. That is why, in Paestum, all the cables and spotlights have been removed from the inside of the temple of Neptune.

In addition to the topic of sustainable lighting, “PAESTUM under the moonlight” also tackles the issue of light pollution: the Paestum Archaeological Park thus stands at the forefront of the international debate with environmental, social and economic aspects that can no longer be underestimated.

The choice of not lighting the monuments artificially allows the visitor to experience a new way to enjoy the past, in actual fact, an old way, nature’s own way, when the mighty temple columns vibrated under the white light of the moon.

The visits are only carried out in the Standard time months and are therefore temporarily suspended.