After archeology stories and contents on social networks, we want to continue to keep you company in these emergency days and give you the opportunity to browse through the pages of one of the last volumes of the Archaeological Park of Paestum, “Guide to the (dismantled) Archaeological Museum of Paestum. Ceci n’est pas un musée” edited by Gabriel Zuchtriegel and Maria Boffa and published by Arte’m.

If that of Paestum is not a museum as the title of the book says, then what is it?
Read the book and discover with us the past, present and future history of the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum: from construction to recent modernization and setting up. A long journey through the museum rooms to discover the finds and archeology of the ancient Greek, Lucanian and Roman city of Poseidonia-Paestum. In addition, the texts also reveal a study on the role of the museum in modern society: from a closed and dusty place for a few to the vital center of an entire community.