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The Twenty-first century

Today, set against pressing topics of the 3rd millennium, such as globalisation, postcolonialism and environmental and social sustainability, at the  Paestum and Velia Archeological Park we seek to give a voice to many viewpoints in all sectors, from historical research to communication, from visiting to teaching. Through excavations and research, we seek to uncover subordinate and alternative stories with respect to the male-elitist perspective that has traditionally marked the historical reconstruction of Greek colonisation. In terms of user experience, on the other hand, we aim at going beyond the concept of the “average visitor” and involving an ever more diversified audience, by knocking down physical, economic and mental barriers.

This includes the extensive use of contemporary art as the preferred means for reflecting on the heritage. That is the case of the neon sign “Ceci n’est pas un musée” (“This is not a museum”) installed in 2018 at the entrance of the Museum: inspired by the famous painting of a pipe by René Magritte with the words “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”, it seeks to stimulate a critical exchange on the changed role of museum institutions in a pluralistic and democratic society such as ours.