Since March 2019, multi-spectrum analyses have been carried out on the most ancient metopes of the Heraion on the mouth of the Sele displayed at the Museum. This is a non-destructive method of analysis that is carried out via a scientific camera that takes shots of the metopes at various frequencies. In this way it is possible to isolate any elements on the metopes, such as different materials, treatments, restorations or tampering at various levels, no longer visible residues of paint. In order to shoot, the room must be completely darkened; hence a sort of mobile camera obscura had to be assembled.

Scientific management: Gabriel Zuchtriegel

Staff: Gloria Adinolfi and Rodolfo Carmagnola (Pegaso s.r.l.), Luciano Marras (Studio Art-Test of Pisa) and Dr Vincenzo Palleschi (ALS-Lab of the NRC of Pisa)

Objective: survey of elements barely visible to the naked eye in order to ascertain the presence of any preparations or paint layers.