ear readers,[br]
I have always thought that a museum should be more than a place where ancient objects are exposed.[br]
Certainly, conservation, research and transmission of archaeological heritage remain our central task. But the museum can and must be more. Especially in a rural area like that of Paestum, we want to be also a cultural and social center for the area and for those who follow us from all over the world. We want to share this spirit with you even when you are not in Paestum through our website (, facebook (Paestum Archaeological Park, but beware because there are many false-official pages!), twitter, instagram … and now also through the digital magazine of Paestum Archaeological Park.[br]
Once a month, we will tell you the most significant news, but first of all we will present you the site and people working for us: every month we will introduce you a staff member and the work he is doing, and we will show you a guarded object in the Paestum Museum. Our followers will therefore have a slightly different view compared to those who would have a “normal” visit of the site … I hope you will benefit![br]
Since we are at the zero number of this magazine, let me begin with a confession: I also hope to have a different vision through this dialogue with you. In fact, I am sure to discover new perspectives, after almost two years of work at Paestum, and to have meeting points with you “laical people”. We archeologists often suffer from a kind of professional deformation. It is true, we go to college with so much enthusiasm but in the academic mill it is not always easy to preserve it. Much depends on the professors. I had good ones and even less good ones. The risk is that in the end, after studying cataloging typologies and methods, quotation systems, and survey techniques, chronologies and styles, you could develop a “cataloged mind”. You see an object, a statue, a monument, and in your head you immediately start the machine: denomination, function, dating, style, meaning … It is probably inevitable. But how refreshing and fun it is to rediscover the same objects through the eyes of a child or a person who knows absolutely nothing! I am convinced that you can learn a lot, first of all, the most important thing is that you have the opportunity to hear new questions.[br]
Having said that, I admit that I consider the work we are currently facing here in Paestum one of the most difficult: I am referring to the creation of a new audioguide in the archaeological area. We want to make a guide that speaks various languages, not just in the strict sense. There will be itineraries for children, for those who want to study in depth, for blind people, for people with mental disabilities … (at least this is our intention, you will evaluate its success). Doing this job is one of the biggest challenges in my professional life, but also one of the most beautiful ones. And you can help us: tell us what you expect from an audioguide of the archaeological area by writing to[br][br]
See you soon![br][br]
Director of Paestum Archaeological Park