ear Readers,[br]
“The goddess in arms” – this is the title of an exhibition we have prepared with the University of Salerno, and which you can now enjoy at the Paestum Museum. It recalls Athena, who is often depicted bearing a shield, a spear and a helmet. Indeed, a large amount of such objects was uncovered in the goddess’ temple in Paestum. They are weapons donated to the goddess as votive objects, probably following military triumphs. Hanging in the shrine, possibly on the temple walls, they reminded of the glory of the people of Paestum, until the whole temple was destroyed by a fire. In the exhibition you can see reconstructed drawings of how probably the temple was before the great fire, whose causes are still unknown.[br]
Hence, you must visit … I don’t want to bother you with long descriptions. But I would like to tell you something else: preparing an exhibition is a new adventure each time. There are many things to consider: a scientific narrative which is also engaging, a layout suitable to the theme of the exhibition, ticket prices, coordinated image, restoration, teaching materials and panels, catalogue, opening, guided tours … You need detailed planning, and there are many people collaborating. You are going to meet one of them in this issue of the digital magazine: the consignee Giovanni Capo…[br]
However, in this lengthy and complex process there is always a crucial moment which cannot be planned. At some point there is an idea, a vision – maybe just a sentence – and, there! The exhibition can take off. It can happen during a workgroup meeting, or travelling by train while thinking about something completely different. All of a sudden, all that we would like to tell with the exhibition becomes clearer.[br]
No matter the importance, it can even be something small – it is important that there is that click, that moment of clarity which defines our direction and gives us energy.[br]
For the new year, I wish you many such moments – if not for an exhibition, it will be for another project; work, research, home, the garden, a party, a surprise for our loved ones … creativity and imagination are always useful![br][br]
Director of Paestum Archaeological Park