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The walls

5 km of walls, 28 towers, 4 gates

The city walls, which have been recently restored, are almost 5 km long and would have originally been about 7 m high.
Along the walls, which were protected by a ditch which is still visible, there are 28 square, round and pentagonal towers and four gates situated at the cardinal points (Porta Aurea to the north; Porta Giustizia to the south; Porta Sirena to the east; Porta Marina to the west ). There are also numerous smaller gates (postiere) located in various sectors of the city walls.
The defensive complex can be dated to between the late fourth century and the third century BC, the period when Paestum became a Roman colony, but it was preceded by an older system of fortifications which dated back to the Greek city.
The current road, built in 1829, cut through the walls on a north- south axis, destroying the northern gate, known as the Porta Aurea. The gate originally had a bridge, now covered by the modern road, that crossed the defensive ditch which protected the city on three sides.
Is it possible to discover the grandeur of Paestum from its walls? It certainly is! Allow yourself an hour to walk in the shade of the mighty blocks that hold the city in a solid embrace and you will not be disappointed!
Discover the trail along the walls: from Porta Sirena to the Basilica



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