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The city

A unique insight into the world of Magna Graecia

Poseidonia-Paestum provides visitors with a unique opportunity: “to read” its rich history going back thousands of years through the monuments that have withstood the test of time.
The three temples with their altars, the main square of the Greek city (the agora) with its symbolic buildings, like the tomb of the founding hero (heroon) and the circular building designed for meetings (ekklesiasterion), are the clearest signs of the settlement during the Greek phase.
With the arrival of the Romans, the temples did not undergo changes but new buildings were constructed in the city: the forum, the political and commercial area, the amphitheatre, where duels between gladiators and animals took place and the campus where the Romans engaged in sports.
In the pool, women may have performed rites designed to encourage their fertility.
There were large residential areas with numerous aristocratic houses, in particular one house with a pool measuring about 2,800 sq. m.

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